We can’t believe it! 1,000,000 Erthe Coins (ERT) has been sold in just under 6 days. Six days ago we released 1,000,00 coins on Pancakeswap.finance to give early worm investors the opportunity to be part of a a exciting new project.

This project is called “Erthe Coin”. The aim of Erthe Coin is to be a main cryptocurrency used for transactions that support the environment and help our planet. By this, we want the value of our coin built of the back of people who want to purchase and sell renewable and sustainable products and services. We want Erthe coin to be used for this only purpose.

The great thing about this new cryptocurrency is that it is built using the trusted BNB Blockchain. So this is not a scam or a quick money scheme.

There are currently 4 holders of the Erthe Coin and we would like to say a BIG THANK to whoever you are, wherever you are, we really appreciate you and thank you for the initial support.

But we need more support to get this off the ground!

Some time this weekend or next week will be releasing another 2,000,000 more Erthe Coins.

1,000,000 Erthe Coins will be allocated for people to Trade/Swap online using


If you are not already an account holder simply register and sign up. Once you load your initial currency you can start trading Erthe Coin (ERT). It is as simple as that.

The other 1,000,000 coins will be allocated to those who wish to help the environment and donate the listed items we require (Please contact or read previous for listings). This will then be turned into value and added to give Erthe Coin to provide more stability as we plan to introduce an online store in 2023 with various partners to accept Earth Coin transactions. If you would like to be part of this you will need a Metamask or a Coinbase account as we will then transfer the Erthe Coins to your wallet after donation and valuation.

These are exciting times!

Come and be part of the Erthe Coin community!

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